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Large Backyard for Playtime

Cozy Indoor Housing Accommodations

All small dogs are kept with the upmost quality care keeping them safe, comfortable and happy. Reservations are required along with updated shots. Special arrangements can be made for pets who must receive prescribed medications during their stay at Small Paws.

 Small PawsOther Local Kennels
Daily Fee$20$25 or more
HousingInside HouseOutdoors
Outdoor PlaytimeIncludedAdditional
Specialized FeedingYesNo



You must have an appointment when visiting, picking up or dropping off your dog at Small Paws. To make your reservation, please call (865) 755-7929 or email us at info@small-paws.net.

Your dog must be up to date on their shots including distemper, rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough), spayed or neutered and between the ages of one (1) to fourteen (14) years old. Shot records must be presented before drop off. Records can be sent by fax, text message, email, or snail mail.

Small Paws is $20 per dog per day.  You will be charged for a next day visit after noon. If someone is picking up your dog for you, payment must be made prior to leaving your dog.